06/07/2020 Boone’s – Multistate Carry Course Boone’s Fine Guns, Isle MN

Minnesota, Arizona, Florida and Multistate Carry Class
06/07/2020  at  10am – 2pm
Boone’s Fine Guns, 535 E. Superior St. Isle MN

MN Concealed Carry Class Concealed Carry Class: $85 now only $75

We cover all topics necessary for your Minnesota Carry Permit. We show you how to apply for and what is required to obtain Minnesota, and Arizona carry permits. When you combine these permits, you can legally carry in 33 states!

Topics include basic firearm safety, ethics and responsibilities, the legal use of deadly force, fundamentals of defensive shooting, and the laws of Minnesota. You’ll also receive instruction on how to deal with the aftermath of a violent encounter.

Range session for MN permit students is an integral part of this course and you can use our firearms or yours – range fees  at Boone’s are $10 plus tax and Boone’s requires that you shoot their ammunition only.

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