10/08/2017 – Sunday at Boones Fundamentals Course Boone’s Fine Guns, Isle MN

The Fundamentals $80
Sunday 10/08/2017
Boone’s Fine Guns
535 E. Superior St. Isle MN

This course covers everything necessary to property operate a handgun.

Topics include: The four core safety rules, proper fit of a handgun, proper gun handling, the fundamentals of shooting and their application, how to achieve extreme accuracy, and taking effective shots it extremely long distances.

Former students can choose this course with a 50% discount on the price!

If you have a group of five or more people you would like to sign up for this class, please call Jason at 952-200-8823 to discuss discounts for you and your group.


You can also order your copy of the Tactical Firepower Handgun System – the ultimate resource for defensive shooting skiils and techniques. Over 4.5 hours of video! A 3-DVD set. Just check the option box below to have your copy mailed immediately to your attention!

Price: $80.00


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