$150 per Hour

Do you only hit your targeted area on your target a small percentage of the time? When you shoot pistol, do you shoot low left or left? Would you like to become a better shooter or just learn how to shoot? Then we have a program for you!

You will receive instruction from a nationally certified firearms instructor. Our lead instructor has over 50 years of competitive, target, defensive and other shooting experience. Our instructor for Isle and Kanebec and Pine Counties has over 30 years experience in the shooting sports including defensive handgun and tactical rifle and shotgun. Check out what others say about our training.

We offer private one-on-one shooting lessons in pistol, rifle and shotgun disciplines. These are one hour shooting sessions where the basic fundamentals of shooting are covered such as proper sight alignment, trigger control, breathing, sight picture, grip, stance, and follow through.

We also include the acclaimed 3 DVD set: Tactical Firepower Handgun System (A $25 value). It’s yours to keep and use for continued learning and review from our lesson.


Use of our firearm and ammunition is included. OR – you can use your firearm and ammunition. You’dd need hearing protection and eye protection. Glasses or sun glasses are fine.


If you use your firearm, you’ll will need 150 – 200 rounds for pistol
50 to 100 rounds – for rifle
25 – 50 shells for shotgun

Targets are included in the cost of your lesson.

Range Selection:

Spring & Summer only: We shoot at the Horse and Hunt Club in Prior Lake. We stop offering private lessons around the end of November due to the cold weather.

Rifle and Shotgun:
Spring, summer and fall only, these sessions are held outdoors at the Horse and Hunt Club.

Call us now at 952-891-1537 and book your shooting lesson today.